Cloud Canopy- Radiant Landscapes!

Welcome to my Website. I hope you enjoy these landscape images of Tropical North Queensland and New Zealand - a contrast in climate, vegetation and topography.

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About Landscapes

There is something deep within our human soul that resonates when we view a captivating landscape scene. Some say this is a genetic memory that goes back to the time when humankind first descended from the trees and discovered the broad landscapes of the African savannah.
I have always loved landscapes and have been fortunate to visit many remote and interesting parts of Australia and Papua New Guinea. Moving to Cairns 18 years ago, I was struck by the majesty and diversity of the scenery, the mountains, rainforest, rivers, waterfalls and the Reef and the advent of digital photography, has allowed me to try and capture something of the beauty of this area.
Can there be anything more pleasurable than to visit a beautiful scene, set up tripod, camera, lenses and filters and then wait for the precise moment when the light is just right. It is a bit like fishing. Nine times out of ten you come home empty handed but that tenth time when you capture an image of beauty makes it worthwhile.


• Canon EOS 5D MkIII
• Canon EOD 40D
• Fiji Finepix SP-2000
• Tamron 24-70mm USD Di
• Canon EF 70-200mm
• Canon EFS 18-85mm
• Canon 50mm f1.8 Prime
• Sigma DC 10-20mm HSM
• Sigma DG 150-500mm HSM


• Adobe Photoshop CS6
• Adobe Lightroom 4.1
• Adobe Camera Raw
• Oloneo PhotoEngine


I believe that digital landscapes must be an accurate record and as close a representation as possible of the scene as observed by the photographer. Nowadays images can be digitally manipulated to the point that they bear no resemblance to the scene as shot and in my view this deceives the observer. Over saturation, colour enhancement, wholesale replacement of the sky, etc. may create a work of art but it is no longer an authentic landscape. The photographs in this web page have all had minimal manipulation and only sufficient to recreate the scene as observed on the day. My hope in preparing this web page is that if viewers were encouraged to visit the places where these photographs were taken they would not be disappointed but would see, recognise and enjoy the same landscapes.

“Awake! for Morning in the bowl of Night
Has flung the Stone that puts the Stars to Flight:
And lo! the Hunter of the East has caught
The Sultan’s Turret in a Noose of Light.” – Omar Khayyam

Grant Phillips